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[CB003] xyce – papillons

By January 23, 2016Releases

From the artist

We would like to thank our friends and girlfriends for inspiring us. Above all we would like to say a big, big thank you to Jakob ‘radix’ Svanholm and malmen for the opportunity to cooperate with them on respectively rainbow dash! and papillons. It is a true honor working with such inspiring guys!

This is again an album with a lot of various Atari, Amiga and PC tunes. Go melodies!

All songs are recorded on their original machines.

We truly hope you like this album.

Kind regards,

Tom ‘xylo’ Offringa and Roel ‘cerror’ Heerspink


1. cloture de jardin 02:56
2. coureur part deux 02:56
3. avonture au japon 02:42
4. feuilles 02:36
5. grecque 03:03
6. radix & xyce – rainbow dash! 03:31
7. savage I 02:57
8. samedi 03:11
9. ombres 03:15
10. fouilles 02:19
11. tempête d’épées 02:51
12. subsonique deux 03:48
13. savage II 03:02
14. bequille 02:59
15. mysterieux-deux 02:48
16. malmen & xyce – papillons 03:39

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