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[CB008] Hizmi – New Power

By January 23, 2016Releases

From the artist

First Japanese lo-fi artist for CheapBeats raising the bar yet again.

Lush electronica all made on a vintage X68000

~~~~~> ARTについて <~~~~~
Julian (The C-men) was under strict orders to make art without seeing any track titles in order to “paint the sounds” he heard. CD comes with more art on the inside sleeve and CD print itself.

released August 19, 2013

音 Hizmi
絵 The C-men


1. Murasame 04:38
2. Mpede 05:38
3. Shigure 04:28
4. Polyhed 04:18
5. Swoop 03:43
6. Gohyakubuchi 05:27

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