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[CB021] xyce – nova

By January 24, 2016Releases

From the artists

Again thanks to all friends, both on- and offline, and our girlfriends for the continuous inspiration.

As you might’ve heard or seen, we did coops with malmen and radix again, mainly because those guys are amazing and such a pleasure to work with.

Big thanks to James ‘Cheapshot’ York and David ‘Lazerbeat’ Adams for letting us release this record on Cheapbeats again. And let’s not forget the amazing Lycan, who did an amazing job finishing the art for this album on such short notice and with such patience.

This album features tracks made with a regular Windows PC running OpenMPT, an Amiga 500 with Protracker 1.3b, an Atari 1040 STe running MusicMon 2.5e and a promodded Gameboy with the latest version of LSDj.

All songs again recorded with their original hardware.

Tom ‘xylo’ Offringa, Roel ‘cerror’ Heerspink


1. la cherie 02:54
2. chicago 02:54
3. nos petites femmes 02:49
4. wiggle 03:06
5. ruine 02:20
6. dans un funk 02:51
7. coureur III 03:44
8. sourire ft. malmen 03:21
9. suq a coq 02:59
10. cession 02:46
11. cerices 02:23
12. le soir 02:45
13. nova ft. radix 04:03
14. sour-marin 02:43

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