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[CB022] Men of Mega – Porter

By January 24, 2016Releases

From the artist

First of all we would like to thank Frans Twisk, for giving us a spot on the first EINDBAAS open mic in 2010, booking numerous awesome shows throughout the years, and last but not least, providing us with great artwork for this release.

Also a big thanks to James and David for making us a part of the already extensive and impressive Cheapbeats catalogue.

Finally, we owe a lot to all our friends and loved ones!

All tracks made with one Nintendo Gameboy running the latest version of LSDJ.

1. Vanilla 02:06
2. Golden Hind 02:28
3. Shibuya Sparkle 02:16
4. Jason Newsted Where You At? 03:47
5. Hare 03:46
6. Hank von Hassle 03:23
7. Good Boy 03:21
8. In Transit 03:15

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