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[CB026] Awesome Force – Invitations

By January 24, 2016Releases


The force is strong in this one. Awesomely strong in fact.

In his premiere full-length, Awesome Force takes you on an otherworldy adventure, exploring various genres and emotions through 10 unyielding tracks. From the bleak to the prosperous, this album takes you to the edge of infinity and back!!

Live long and chiptune!

Note: Downloads and CD purchases include all art pieces!

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

Music: Awesome Force
Mastering: Tri Angles (itsmisterangles.bandcamp.com)

1. It’s Full of Stars 01:06
2. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 03:47
3. Pale Blue Dot 05:33
4. Invitations 04:35
5. Ishmael 03:38
6. Dinosaurs 03:58
7. Petrostate 04:07
8. One-Zero-Seven 03:26
9. The Story of Everything… 02:59
10. …And How It Will End 02:28

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