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[CB052] Galaxy Wolf – Detonating Star Systems

By March 19, 2016Releases


Special thanks to HarleyLikesMusic and Trinity Lo-Fi for the bonus tracks, Cheapshot for making it all happen, KeFF for the amazing artwork, the SSM and the Aussie crew, U.S.A. crew, Glasgow and Edinburgh consortium, Superbyte, Mikee Teevee for all your encouragement and support over the years (and the DMGs!), J3WEL for keeping me on my toes, and all the other artists, audiences and promoters I’ve partied with recently – you’ve all been amazing. Special extra shout to 2xAA, Oliotronix, Cfgk24, Shirobon, and Sabrepulse for all your hard work putting on great nights in my home town, and LazerSausage for the after parties! – And all the rest of you too – Much Love Everyone.
Learn more about how this album came together over on the interview page.

Music: Galaxy Wolf

Art: KeFF

Mastering: Toni Leys


1. Tenfold 03:19
2. Epsom 02:28
3. Bacteria 02:38
4. Very Erotic 02:04
5. The Slickest 03:15
6. Dust Shuffle 02:08
7. Another Zap Zap 03:07
8. Ender 02:13
9. Slow Gyration 02:44
10. Leaving Earth 03:49
11. Trinity Lo-fi – Three Things (Galaxy Wolf version) 02:38
12. Epsom (HarleyLikesMusic remix) 04:55

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