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[CB053] Musho – Bikini Dream: Karaoke Edition

By April 5, 2016Releases



In memory of Gustav, may you mul in heaven. (Gustav was Musho’s pet cat. ✞)


Thanks so much for another magic journey of an album Musho.There are so many amazing elements here, it is hard to know where to start! The most striking part of the album for me is the whimsical, mystical, fantasy feeling that permeates all tracks. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s an aural trip from start to finish! ☆彡

Learn more about how this album came together over on the interview page.

Music: Musho

Art: Musho

Mastering: Musho


1. Fox Butt 02:22
2. There are some problems with my general perception of time 03:22
3. This is no ordinary fire! 02:46
4. Pyssla med burrburr 01:25
5. Cigaretter och myggmedel 02:05
6. Sleeping Space (Shooting Egg) 02:24
7. The way you hold my gaze, or don’t 03:43
8. Hey töntar, det blåser upp 01:24
9. The beguiling miasma of blood 01:54
10. If i die tonight, tell my family i reached 165 BPM 04:29
11. Tesla and Kosmos VSOP 01:26

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