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[CB059] Laffe the Fox – The Spotsaver

By July 26, 2016Releases


I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to do this release with the amazing Cheapbeats team. Huge thanks to Cheapshot for taking care of everything, to Apples for bringing my envisioning of the cover art to life, to Breakbeat Heartbeat for the magic she added to this record, and also a huge thanks to everyone who supports me, everyone who enjoys my music. That really means a lot. I hope you guys might enjoy my new album as well, and if you even wanna buy it, that’s super cool too. A great deal of feelings went into the making of this, and it was a lot of fun making it. I hope it shows.


— Laffe

Music: Laffe the Fox

Art: Apples Malus


1. Tony Hawk’s Procrastinator 03:19
2. The Luxury of Being Dead 03:10
3. Floating Above the Ground 04:29
4. Dude, Where’s My Mind 03:18
5. The Emotionally Unstable Robot 03:20
6. Spring Breaks (feat. Breakbeat Heartbeat) 03:42
7. The Spotsaver 02:42
8. Jerkfaced 02:54
9. Waste the Last Dance (On Me) 03:37
10. Bury Me in My Fursuit 05:05
11. Wrath of Happy Rex (bonus) 02:13
12. Friend Zone Act 3 (bonus) 02:26

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