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[CB060] Diskette Deluxe – Space Tourism

By July 26, 2016Releases


Hello world!

Thank you for checking my debut chiptune album (or actually double-EP) Space Tourism.

On tracks 1 to 4 I express my love for 80s synth pop, synth funk and space disco.

Tracks 4 to 8 (released previously as “My Amiga E.P”) are an ode to the first music I ever loved: Commodore Amiga soundtracks and cracktros.
One of the tracks features vocals by my Turkish friend Nilipek, and the funky album art was made by my Greek friend Irini Pigaditi.

Thank you so much Cheapshot for adding me to the fantastic Cheapbeats catalogue.

Let me know how it feels!



Music: Diskette Deluxe

Art: Irini Pigaditi


1. Dream Tears 05:15
2. Love Poison 04:27
3. Default Bass 05:10
4. Midnight Myst 04:34
5. Euphoria Melancholia 03:52
6. Fusion Sucks, But That’s Okay 02:08
7. My House is a Cocoon (feat. Nil İpek Hülagü) 04:13
8. Defender of a Lost Galaxy 04:58

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