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[CB061] Cheapshot – Influx

By August 11, 2016Releases


First of all, I want to thank Olivier Wittchow for making Nanoloop, especially for his work on the analog sync feature. Without this feature, I wouldn’t have been able to make the album you are listening to. Following, I raise my hat to the incredibly creative people at Teenage Engineering for making fun, yet powerful “toys” for people like me to play around with. The Pocket Operator series are wonderful!

From the chipscene I have the upmost gratitude to the following:
Julian (for the incredible art and chats) David, Eugene & Kristy, Brandon & Erin, The LWLVL crew, Mikey, Ash, Harley, Joe (Gamewave <3), cTrix (and all the continents we’ve played together), Don (for NYC hangs), Peter Traylor (for getting me into chip in the first place), Quarta330, Adam, ???, m7kenji, and ALL THE CHEAPBEATS ARTISTS!

Nanoloop crew: Seb, Sam, Rob, Jules, Tom, Boa, Glooms, Kodek, and DØGM

[ ▷ ][ ♪ ][〜][ ▽ ][➖]

Music: Cheapshot

Art: Julian van Aalderen (aka Poke1170 / C Men)



1. Strut 05:13
2. Pavilion 04:11
3. Nocturnal 05:00
4. Spank 05:00
5. Gravel 06:11
6. Vortex 04:46
7. Psychic 05:15

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