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[CB067] Tuberz McGee – Tuberz McGee and the Mildly Inappropriate Dinner Conversations with the Highly Probable In-Laws

By February 8, 2017Releases


Tuberz McGee and the Mildly Innapropriate Dinner Conversations with the Highly Probable In-laws’ can be best described as an album of accidental circumstance. As a therapeutic means of easing the stress of writer’s block Tuberz amalgamated, wordsmithed, birthed, stole, and invented thirteen songs with no goal of ever releasing them.

Things never did go the way Tuberz planned them.

Worlds collide. A rock band and a Nintendo Entertainment System? Is this an episode of Voltron or something!? Regardless of correlation to 90’s cartoons the songs are here for your listening pleasure. Listen as tales are woven in front of you. Tales such as romantic altercations with werewolves, stalkers with a lack of understanding for the fine details, whiney teenagers who have been wronged in life (???) and many more!


1. Better Than You 03:31
2. Melodramatic 03:25
3. Headfirst 04:19
4. The One That Got Away 03:24
5. More Than a Foxy Lady 04:34
6. Winter > Summer 04:01
7. One Life Left 04:28
8. Bounty 03:38
9. Blackjack 04:05
10. How the World Works 02:42
11. My lover 02:38
12. Feminist Vampires 04:06
13. I Kill At Parties 04:24

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