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[CB071] Laffe the Fox – Undergrounded

By June 10, 2017Releases


I’m super stoked to be doing another release with Cheapbeats, and once again a huge thanks to Cheapshot for taking care of everything, and for having me. I would also like to dedicate a huge thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, for doing some absolutely amazing and inspiring album art for me. This album definitely wouldn’t have happened without her. She’s the best, and I love her with all my heart and soul. This time as well as last time, a huge thanks also to everyone who’s been listening, everyone who’s been supporting me in any way through the years. I am forever grateful! I hope you all like the album, and have as much fun listening, as I did making it.

Thank you!

– Laffe

1. I’ll Be Your Ghost for the Evening 03:36
2. Alarm Clock Cacophony 03:08
3. Me Underground 03:24
4. Interpreting Dreams of No Meaning 02:08
5. Pipe Dreams (Alarm Clock Cacophony Pt. 2) 02:52
6. With Hearts for Eyes 04:09
7. Streetlight Saving Time 02:51
8. Nine Graveyards 03:57
9. Dead Eyes and Blue Skies 04:07
10. Crying in the Summer 02:49

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