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[CB078] Pain Perdu – Nouvelle Lune

By September 24, 2017Releases


Pain Perdu are Maxime Roulleaux and Paul Aupetitgendre

Tracks 1-4 produced and recorded on a Gameboy Advance SP running LSDJ v4.9.5, written by Pain Perdu (track 1 written by Pain Perdu and Angelin Versini).
Engineered and Recorded by Angelin Versini
Mixed by Pain Perdu
Mastered by Toni Leys
Artwork, layout and design by Maxime Roulleaux

Remixes by Bubu and Purley Grey
Live piano arrangement by Clément Walker-Viry

1. Duvet 04:49
2. Nuage De Lait 04:41
3. Tournesol 05:08
4. Balsamique 04:51
5. Nuage De Lait (Bubu Remix) 04:31
6. Tournesol (Purely Grey’s Distopian Mix) 03:31
7. Artefact (Live Piano Arrangement by Clément Walker-Viry) 02:52

Thanks to James from Cheapbeats, Brandon and Erin from ChipWIN and Please Lose Battle for believing in us and pushing us forward since the beginning.

Thanks to Barjack for our first ever gig, and everyone we’ve met online and on the road, who booked us, invited us in their homes, at their table, on their beds floors and couches. Thanks to Marie, Olya, Rich, Manu, Johan, Anders, Frans, and all the passionate hard-workers who keep the scene alive in spite of all.

Thanks to Johan for his unrelenting work on LSDJ for seventeen years and then some. Thanks to William, Harley, Noah, Def, Zen and the community for pushing it ever forward.

Thanks to Angelin, Laurine, Clément, Barnabu and Alex for being the best collaborators we could have hoped for on this release. Thanks to Toni for his amazing work on our songs.

Thanks to Chaussette, Trottinette and Zazie, the best cats.

Thank you most of all, for lending an ear.

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