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“Oodles Des Strudels” is many things. Foremost, it’s my first release with Cheapbeats AND my first ever official release! “Oodles Des Strudels” is also an EP born out of my decade and a half old affinity for ska. I consider this my chiptune love letter to the genre that propelled me through high school and beyond. Most importantly, this EP is a sort of progress bar showcasing my evolving skill as an artist. In fact, these tracks are in chronological order from oldest to newest, spanning over 3 years of working with Famitracker. When I initially conceptualized this EP I briefly considered revisiting and revising the older tracks but decided instead to preserve their original states to serve as a stark contrast against my future endeavors; to immortalize my humble beginnings.

The aim of each of these tracks was to evoke the performance and writing style of a few of my favorite ska bands. I’d list them but I’m curious to see how many people can guess which ska bands I was inspired by. If you really want to know you can just ask me ^_^-b

Created with 0cc-Famitracker
Tracks 1,2,4 ・2a03, vrc6
Track 3 ・2a03, vrc6, FDS
Mixed and mastered in Ableton Live with slight reverb

Mastering by Evan Desautels

Artwork by Kelsey Villanova
[email protected]

Special thanks to my brother Evan for mastering and for being my sounding board during the writing process. Thanks to Ello and James for being among the few people to give me feedback when I presented these tracks in class, for having good taste in beer, and for the countless nights of music swapping. Big enormous thanks to the entire Chiptunes=WIN community, if not for them I wouldn’t be having such a spectacular debut release. Lastly, thanks to my kiddo, Autumn, for always being unconditionally enthusiastic about my music.

  1. Hiked Up Tube Socks 02:40
  2. Nine Fire 02:06
  3. A Summer Away 02:58
  4. Straight Hatchet 02:24

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