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Th4 D34D’s debut on CheapBeats, and boy oh boy, what a way to start!

This album is one of the most ambitious projects we have ever been involved with. 13 absolutely next level tracks all packaged on a Sega Genesis cart..?!

And that’s not all, Th4 D34D has been incredibly generous and is providing track save files and a ROM that will play on your favourite emulator.

We are incredibly proud to bring you this release. Thanks for all the support <3

1. D34DST4R 00:42
2. Future 2612 04:40
3. Prophecy of the Hero 04:52
4. Snap Your Cap 02:40
5. Multiplexing (Feat Rob2612 Jredd and Dya) 03:56
6. Green Leaf Zone 04:20
7. Ring Collector 04:20
8. Genstep 02:57
9. Critical Drop 03:58
10. Beneath The Ice (Act 2) 02:53
11. And Death Will Come (VIP Mix) 03:15
12. Level Capped (VIP Mix) 02:42
13. Ninja! Matenrou Kids (Kakuranger Remake Feat Jredd) 01:46

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