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On September 12, 2017, I almost took my own life.

This album is about the cavernous lows and the mountainous highs that led me to that point, and about the moving I’ve had to do in the time since. This is an album about losing a best friend and about climbing the tallest mountain in California. This is an album about giving up and about giving in. This is an album about being consumed by anxiety and about being consumed by love. But on top of all that, this album is the story of my own self-discovery, my own redemption, my own Comeback.

Let it be the story of yours too.

— Offbrand


We are extremely pleased to announce the return of one of our greatest composers under the new guise of “Offbrand.”

The album is packed to the brim with quality. Powerful, moving, uplifting and melancholic. There are so many emotions expressed in this album, it really is the most delicate and vulnerable album this artist has produced to date and we are thrilled that they entrusted us to release it.


— Cheapshot

1. Transmission 01:12
2. Frank Lloyd Wright 04:50
3. Wanderlust 04:08
4. Floral (Hard Mix) 02:18
5. Neon 06:19
6. Eight Street 04:24
7. Gnossienne 05:36
8. Blank Verse 04:34
9. Camel-by-the-Sea 02:44
10. Apoxia 04:26
11. Sacred 03:53
12. Comeback 03:44

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