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A concept EP all about sadness and crying.

( ;∀;)

– Cheapshot

I made these tracks mainly as an exercise, focusing only on composition, experimenting with some different time signatures. It’s very minimalistic, as there is only one instrument used other than a few percussion samples, but I rather like the quietness of these tracks, I enjoyed making them, and hopefully you might enjoy listening as well. Either way, thank you so much for the continuous love and support. I really appreciate it. ♡

– Laffe

1. Crying (Intro) 00:14
2. Tear Leader 00:51
3. Pretty Ugly 02:21
4. Dying (Interlude) 00:14
5. Salty Sweets 02:04
6. The Secret Ingredient is Tears 02:26
7. Flying (Outro) 00:12
8. [BONUS] Dead Eyes and Blue Skies 03:36

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