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We are incredibly proud to bring you Tuberz McGee’s follow up to the epic (and a hell of a mouthful) “Tuberz McGee and the Mildly Inappropriate Dinner Conversations with the Highly Probable In-Laws


This album sees Tuberz stay off the mic and focus all of his energy on making huge tunes. Huge tunes that you can see how were made (apart from the guitar parts of course….!). Yep, that’s right, for purchasers of this album, you will get:

[BONUS] All SAV data! [BONUS]

— Cheapshot

This album is a testament to years of work and improvement. My skills as a musician have improved tenfold and it’s because of what I have learned from others. This album is intended to be a launching off point for others when they are wanting to learn, which is why I have included all of the save files for the album. Enjoy listening through my progression~!

Thanks: Cheapshot, cTrix, and anyone who ever told me something sounded good or didn’t sound good enough. You’ve all pushed me in your own way.


— Tuberz

Artwork by: Joao Victor Costa

1. A Tortoise Armed with a Javelin Embarks on a Journey 05:19
2. Penguinquisition 05:28
3. A Barrage of Abstract Dolphins 02:55
4. ⋌༼ •̀ ⌂ •́ ༽⋋ 05:08
5. Progression 10:11
6. Burrito Space Laser 03:33
7. My_First_LSDJ.sav [saberpulse_tutorial] 03:53
8. Strawberry Milkshake Warrior 05:56
9. The Eventual Satisfying Heatdeath of Australia 04:04
10. Legend of the Bear Punch 04:31


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