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Yay, it’s finally here! I’ve felt like venturing a bit into the more danceable BPM’s for a while and I’m really proud to present this EP right now, hope you like it as much as I do!

Big thanks to Dunderpatrullen for both working with me on the Hejdå Pappa remix and being awesome friends in general.

Also, I’d like to send some shout-outs to Irina, Kilohearts (Thanks for always listening, Anders!), Cheapshot (you’re doing one hell of a job, Yorkie!), Meganeko, Robotprins and all the other awesome people I have the luxury of interacting with.

— Rymdkraft

Artwork by @soyacomu

1. Bloop Troopers 03:15
2. Little Ghost 02:35
3. Illumanatee Confirmed 03:15
4. Dropbears 02:41
5. Dolph’s Aerobics 2000 02:36
6. GG! (A winner is you) 01:40
7. Dunderpatrullen – Hejdå pappa (Rymdkraft Svingar Kepsen Remix) 03:24


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