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Uh oh. One covered smoke detector too many and this boy was kicked out of student housing at school. I was only burning incense, jeez! But the decision had been made – for the last half of the semester, I started commuting. These songs were written and edited on campus and on the way to school – inspired by the scenery of the city in the early morning, the rush of energy and adventure that comes with travel, and inspired by all of the music I would rock to on the commute. I had a blast writing these songs, and the chip elements are courtesy of my buddy Ethan Desautels (AKA DonutShoes) – we would hang at school and music swap, and he would show me all of the incredible Chiptune music he was aware of and making, and even how his tracker works! I was so inspired by the sounds and energy of the music that I included elements of chip in this release to make some sort of hybrid thing! I’m so grateful to Ethan and also to my friend Ricky Hoth (AKA CYMBIOTE) for making remixes of the songs on this EP – you guys rock! This is also my debut in the chiptune community and my first official release on a label (thanks Cheapbeats!) so I’m super excited to release “started commuting” – hope ya like !! ? ❤

— Ello

A stunning debut on CheapBeats for Mr Costello. A real sonic treat as Ello mixes chip and no-chip elements in this fantastic upbeat EP. With guest mixes from label mate DonutShoes and new a mind-melting DnB monster of a remix from CYMBIOTE, this EP will pump you up on your way to the office. Start commuting!

— Cheapshot

– DonutShoes soundcloud.com/donutshoes
– CYMBIOTE soundcloud.com/cymbioteofficial

Dillan Pruett www.pixilart.com/antic

Toni Leys soundcloud.com/tonileys

1. started 04:31
2. so stressful 04:57
3. white butterflies 03:03
4. started (DonutShoes remix) 04:20
5. so stressful (CYMBIOTE remix) 05:24


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