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An album about the dangers of nostalgia!

We are absolutely thrilled to have a full album release from The Chunderfins…! It’s been a dream of ours for a long time, and it’s finally here.

Incredibly well produced, polished, and perfected tracks like only The Chunderfins can do. <3

This album comes with two bonus tracks that can only be heard when you buy. So get on it, and show these guys some love.

— Cheapshot

Art, Animation, Music:
Track 2 features Aethernaut
aethernaut.bandcamp.comTrack 5 features DonutShoes

1. Overture – Backwards Compatible 07:15
2. 25,000 Years (Feat. Aethernaut) 04:34
3. Better Than You Remember 03:32 video
4. Attract Mode 04:09
5. Disaster Factory! (Feat. DonutShoes) 05:31
6. Sequence Break 05:04
7. Anachronausea 10:23
8. Theme of the Chunderfins 2018 03:15
9. Better Than You Remember (LSDJ mix) 02:32

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