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The seventh full album from the xyce boys!

It’s crammed full of all those good-time xyce tracks that fill your day with sunshine. Ahhhhhh xyce. Yeah, right in the feels. <3

— Cheapshot


Our seventh album.

And full it is, with a whole bunch of songs made on a lot of different machines. This album is a continuation of autre, with again very different styles per song, but still very recognisable xyce. Because we feel the entire album could be defined as 80s pop in terms of genre, in terms of arrangement, harmonies and melodies, this sounded like the perfect title (also, we wanted to name it /dix/ first (10 in French), but because most people will probably announce it differently than intended, that sounded kinda weird 😉

This being out seventh album already, we hope to introduce a new trend, where people discuss music as “Naaaah, the seventh album is always the best,” instead of the first one being the defining factor for an artist!

All jokes aside, we hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it.

Big thanks to CheapBeats and James for continuing to work with us despite the ever not changing cheesiness.

Love! XOXO Roel & Tom


Music — xyce

Art — xyce (Roel Heerspink)

Mastering — xyce (Roel Heerspink)

1. guerre 03:05
2. yogourt 03:00
3. dix 02:55
4. drone64 03:36
5. demise 03:08
6. morse 03:14
7. de funk 03:37
8. tons dautomne 02:49
9. perle 02:18
10. Rymdkraft – dolph’s aerobics (xyce remix) 02:54
11. beaucoup 02:13
12. ola 03:09
13. patate 03:24
14. bonjour 02:47
15. lore 03:09

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