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Our first ever Italian artist. WHAT?!
I met this dude at SST2018 and he is ….. a sick sick dude with the sharpest mind I’ve been a witness to in decades. If you don’t enjoy this, you need to get a health check or something?– Cheapshot

Special thanks to Raz Degan, James York & CheapBeats, Toni Leys, Esheshesh, Alberto Angela, Ludwig van Beethoven, Janice Griffith, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Dead (Per “Pelle” Yngve Ohlin), Ian Curtis, Chester Bennington, BoJack Horseman, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ratatat, <DIR> RICHTER (aka my brother :3), Micromusic Italy, Game Face, Tekmann, Auracle, Kojin, B-Type, Pain Perdu, and once again to Ester my actual right arm, main feedback, partner in crime and companion in this whole Starving GOGO adventure

— Starving GOGO


Music — Starving GOGO

Art: Ester Mozzanica

Mastering: Toni Leys

1. The Joy of Creation 01:22
2. When I was a kid I thought adults knew what they were doing 04:59
3. Falling Over in Public 02:13
4. Sisyphus 04:25
5. 人間って悲しいね 03:08
6. All our heroes are suicidal (and died by their own hand) 03:04
7. I Poteri degli Antichi 07:16
8. Genocide of the Unfaithful 04:15
9. How Hideous Am I (aka II Tempo Delle Mele) 02:14
10. Oro Invictus 04:35

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