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The last release from us in 2018 and we are going out with a B A N G !!

Kaiju King is the debut album on CheapBeats from Triac. This German resident is well known in the chiptune scene for creating dancefloor fillers with both nanoloop 1 and nanoloop 2. This album represents the pinnacle of Triac’s ability to get your ass shaking in the club, at work, or just about anywhere. Turn it up and let the Kaiju Kings wreak havoc! Featuring remixes from some of the masters in the chipscene, this is one unmissable album!

— Cheapshot


Tracks 01-09 written, recorded and mixed via Nanoloop 1.7 on Nintendo Gameboy Classic and Nanoloop 2.7 on Gameboy Advance by TRIAC.
Track 10 is a Remix by Vault Kid: vaultkid.bandcamp.com
Track 11 is a Remix by Defense Mechanism:defensemechanism.bandcamp.com
Track 12 is a remix by Sajuuk: sajuuk.bandcamp.com
Track 13 is a Remix by Tronimal: tronimal.bandcamp.com
Track 14 is a Remix by Kubbi: www.kubbimusic.com

Mastering by Toni Leys. soundcloud.com/tonileys
Artwork by Cyanide Dansen. twitter.com/cyanidedansen

Thanks to: Yorkie, Marie, Vegard, Aaron, Keno, Jon, Jörg, Mario, Nada, Alex, Fati, Arthur, Hannes and all the other awesome people I had the luck of meeting through Chiptune!

— Triac

1. Hammerhead 03:24
2. Giant Firebreathing Lizard 03:07
3. Monster March 02:00
4. Threeheaded Dragon 03:25
5. Megamoth 03:16
6. Cataclysm 02:17
7. Kaiju King 04:15
8. Beast Brawl 03:04
9. Koexistenz 05:02
10. Monster March (Vault Kid Remix) 03:27
11. Threeheaded Dragon (DEFENSE MECHANISM Remix) 02:54
12. Beast Brawl (Sajuuk Remix) 02:30
13. Giant Firebreathing Lizard (Tronimal Remix) 03:35
14. Kaiju King (Kubbi Remix) 04:06

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