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This release was written to perform at Square Sound Tokyo 2018. Having a supportive and enthusiastic community that pushed me to write more music is one of the greatest things about the chipmusic scene. The music is the result of trying something new and learning to accept and embrace my sound for what it is. On top of this, I explored collaborative recording at an analogue studio, direct to tape, no computers, a bunch of ears and no distractions. I hope you have as much fun listening as we had recording it!

— Dot.AY

I can’t believe this is the first EP we’re releasing from Dot.AY. Alex is one of the first people I came across in my chiptune adventures and he’ll always be engrained in my memory as “the dude that told me about the terrible Fukushima earthquake in 2011” (as I just got off a plane in Brisbane to meet him when it occurred). He is one of if not THE core member of the Australian chipmusic scene and absolutely dedicated to spreading good music and good times. Extremely grateful to feature this EP on CheapBeats. Alex’s style can be described as edgy, different, or even bizarre. This EP is no exception. Experimental, digital music at its best.

Big love from me, and I hope you all enjoy it, too.

— Cheapshot


Tracks 1-5 written, performed and Mixed by Dot.AY
Track 6 Remixed and Mixed by Tom Foolery and the Family Jewellery
Recorded at Sound Recordings, Castlemaine by Alex Bennett
Mastering and Studio Assistance from cTrix
Executive Producer Warwick Mclean
Digitised by Crystal Mastering Studios

1. Bad Break 03:52
2. Vibraslop 03:56
3. Lightning Dub 03:31
4. Facer 04:21
5. Lead Balloon 03:25
6. Lead Balloon (Tom Foolery & The Family Jewellery Remix) 04:01

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