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Special thanks to Vault Kid, LePlancton, Ganondorofu, 3D63, Robin, Cheapshot and CheapBeats for making this EP a reality and for their support on it. Thanks to Chiplove, Bitgrid, Bleep Love, A.MAZE, Chip Bit Day, Chipbanger, LeBarjack for making me part of this chiptune adventure. Thanks to all people who keep supporting me and giving me love, it means a lot. Thanks to my friends and my family for supporting me, giving me advice, you all have a big role in all of this, bigger than you think.

— Grizzly Cogs

Well well well, this is the first ever vinyl release that we have done on CheapBeats and I’m so glad it is with Grizzly Cogs. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. His previous album Flocons was on heavy rotation for me and I missed out on getting one of the records for that.

This release is dripping with quality. Quality music, quality art, quality remixes. Such an amazing opportunity for us at CheapBeats to work with Grizzly Cogs, he is definitely one to look out for going forward.


— Cheapshot


Art by NoNameNoSocks (twitter.com/NoNameNoSocks)

Track No. 1 is an alternative version of “No Plan” released on the “From Europe With Love” compilation (chiplove.bandcamp.com/album/from-europe-with-love)

Track No. 5 is a track released on a compilation given to every Bitgrid V attendees.

Track No. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 written by Grizzly Cogs.

Track No. 2 written by Vault Kid (vaultkid.bandcamp.com) and Grizzly Cogs.

Track No. 11 is a remix from previous release “Flocons” (grizzlycogs.bandcamp.com/album/flocons), written by Vault Kid.

Track No. 12 is a remix written by LePlancton (leplancton.bandcamp.com).

Track No. 13 is a remix written by Ganondorofu (ganondorofu8bit.bandcamp.com).

Track No. 14 is a remix written by 3D63 (3d63.net).

1. Still No Plan 04:05
2. Grizzly Kids (Feat. Vault Kid) 03:17
3. Deltaplane 02:15
4. Take Care 02:40
5. Regular Pain 02:34
6. Everything Looks So Tiny From Here 02:20
7. There’s Still Hope 02:30
8. Farewell Hug 01:22
9. Berlin 03:04
10. Volcano on the Moon 04:05
11. Flocons (Vault Kid Remix) 04:06
12. Berlin (Ganondorofu Remix) 04:35
13. Grizzly Kids (LePlancton Remix) 03:58
14. There’s Still Hope (3D63 Remix) 03:37

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