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A sublime collection of fun-filled tracks to wake you up, get you going and fill you with joy! Am Happy is the debut album from Pulsing on CheapBeats and what a way to burst onto the stage. The chip elements fit perfectly into their aesthetic as a raw, hedonistic rush of thrashing guitars and thumping drums. <3

Welcome to the happiest chiptune wake-up call you’ll ever get 😉

— Cheapshot


Composer/Gameboy/Synth – Alex Peterman
Drums – Kyle Goldsmith
Guitar – Seth Romeo

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered – VoidDweller

Album Artwork – Stefanie Cook

1. Chaos Theater 01:59
2. Good Ghost 02:38 video
3. Grapefruit Falls 02:43
4. Sunstroke 02:32
5. Laser Time! 02:54
6. Saturn Valley 04:17

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