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This time I wanted to add some ‘live’ elements to tracked chiptune music. Trackers are cool but making some improvised solos is much better played “by hand”, in real-time.
To compare the pure tracker chiptunes with their ‘live’ versions I split this album into two parts – tracker and ‘live’.
Those have been made with NES / Famicom.
Also, I added some bonus-traxx – covers made with ZX Spectrum and toy-keyboards and synths. Enjoy. πŸ˜›

All the keyboards/synths parts have been played 100% live without any sequencing.

— Yerzmyey


Video Starring (haha) – me & my girlfriend Kate. πŸ˜› And numerous game-consoles. πŸ™‚

Hardware used ->

Game-consoles and computers:
– Famicom AV
– ZXΒ  andΒ more

Cover-art by Jokov.

Original composers of those three covers:
“30 minut” by TATU,
“Children” by Robert Miles,
“Superman” by John Williams.

1. Pegasus 04:07
2. Return to Taured 02:41
3. Roller-Coaster Ride 03:12
4. The Lady of Mars 03:54
5. Pegasus (lo-fi live) 04:15
6. Return to Taured (lo-fi live) 02:47
7. Roller-Coaster Ride (lo-fi live) 03:17
8. The Lady of Mars (lo-fi live) 04:01
9. 30 minut 02:17
10. Children 05:01
11. Superman 02:22

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