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It’s been a long time since we heard an LSDJ release like this. Such a fresh, nonconformist sound that just oozes style. Dogs++ is forging out a new path for LSDJ users with his chill, dubby, delicate and thoughtful sounds.

— Cheapshot

A small collection (perhaps you could call it a plate) of six spicy songs from the past year and a half. Mostly inspired by random phrases I heard which then got turned into song names which finally got turned into songs. Grab a tall glass of milk and enjoy.

Thanks to:
– Everyone who listens to my music, especially those who listen to it unfinished.
– Anyone who releases a .sav file with their music or creates learning resources, without them I would have had nothing to learn from.

— dogs++


Music and Art: Dogs++
Mastered by Toni Leys

If you want to find more of my work (not limited to music), check out dogspluspl.us.

1. Bean Bag Business 02:55
2. Joothing Smelly 02:53
3. Hot Poppers 03:11
4. Cardboard Computer 02:31
5. Soup Snakes 03:08
6. Pillow Ridge 04:01

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