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Nebs ‘n Debs is a 2D platformer for the NES released in late 2018.


The NES soundtrack was created with the FamiTone driver, and all songs/sound effects/jingles had to fit in under 7 KB of ROM.
Also included are SNES versions of the songs, which were made in snesmod and are all single-load SPC compatible. 5 KB of SPC RAM was left free for theoretical sound effects.

Hope you enjoy!

Shoutouts to Chris Cacciatore and the awesome Dullahan Software crew for making this game possible!


Music: Kulor
Art: BurdNurd

1. Title 00:26
2. Jungle 02:14
3. Mines 01:54
4. Boss 02:32
5. Boss Defeated 01:04
6. Credits 01:57
7. Title (Enhanced version) 00:22
8. Jungle (Enhanced version) 02:14
9. Mines (Enhanced version) 01:54
10. Boss (Enhanced version) 02:23
11. Boss Defeated (Enhanced version) 01:02
12. Credits (Enhanced version) 02:38

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