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“Prime 16” is an album created entirely using Nanoloop Mobile on iOS.
Only slight mixing was performed at after exporting the music from the app.

The album is a play on the use of “prime”, numerically and audibly.

The concept art was the joint brainchild of Gesceap and 2xAA.
All cover art is based around the ubiquitous interface of nanoloop, the four by four grid of sixteen squares.
Afterwhich, each square represents an increasing fully connected graph, sometimes called a mystic rose.
These basic circular shapes were the basis for the video for “Cicl” showcasing 2xAA’s modV audio visualisation application


Music: Gesceap
Art: Gesceap and 2xAA

Big thanks to 2xAA for the wonderful collaboration, it was truly an experience. In addition, a big thanks to The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, who allowed us to use the CRTs to create the video.
Of course, thanks to all the support from CheapBeats, cheapshot, 2xAA, cymba, and many others.


1. 734 04:52
2. Brindisi (Get Down) 03:29
3. Catenamis 03:05
4. Cicl 02:56 video
5. Costiear 03:52
6. Deadsnare1654 03:18
7. Edt17 04:22
8. Fastfood 04:01
9. Groovr 03:29
10. Inspo 05:14
11. Lecwd 03:47
12. Letter 03:04
13. Mohtfly 04:04
14. Newsance 03:52
15. Prime 16 02:46
16. Stuck on a train to London 03:44

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