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scythe’s third album is packed full of melody-driven gems. Harking back to the era of mini-disc players, scythe’s latest album mixes nostalgia with heartbreak, memories, and love-filled summer holidays. Please enjoy scythe’s incredible technical and compositional skills in this latest release!

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Music: scythe
Art: narume


  1. メモリーデイズ 01:39
  2. あさかぜ 04:17
  3. 二度とは来ない夏 03:17
  4. Everyday moments 01:56
  5. 忘れないように 05:15
  6. ビルと海岸線 02:48
  7. Night Train 03:42
  8. Love me 04:08
  9. 見えなくなるまで 03:27
  10. 変わらないもの 03:08

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