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Galaxy Wolf – The Interview

By March 14, 2016Interview

Learn about the man behind Galaxy Wolf, his upcoming release and what he’d buy first if he had £1mil..!

Photo by Chiptography: http://www.chiptography.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/BRKfest2013_Day2_161w.jpg

Photo by Chiptography

Who is the man behind Galaxy Wolf?

My name’s Drew, I’m a Jack of all trades. Lately I’ve spent a lot of time teaching kids how to power Lego cars with hydrogen… for science. A few weeks ago I imagined telling my ten year old self that I’d be spending some of my adult life playing with gameboys and Lego. I think I’d have been pleased with that.

What were your inspirations for this release?

To be honest I don’t listen to enough new music these days. If I had to name check a few inspiring artists I’d say Dibia$e, edIT and Slugabed all have elements to their sound that I would have been incorporating. But to be honest I think most of it just comes from all over the place, I’ve listened to a lot of soul and funk over the years and I think it’s gone quite deep into the fabric of the sound, I can hear it in there anyway.

Which track on the EP was the hardest to write?

Well when you (Cheapshot) and I were first talking about this release, I sent over a few (almost) finished tunes, and some loop/riff type things that needed more work. One of those little scrappy sound nuggets was called Epsom. This happened to be the tune Harley decided to remix. For some reason I had a lot of trouble getting that one from the “cool loop” stage to the “actual piece of music” stage. To be honest I’d much prefer to just write loops all the time, I might play around with doing a future release as more of a kind of mix or collage type thing. Anyway I’m not sure if I’ll ever be totally happy with that tune.

Which was the easiest? 

That’s more difficult. I feel like a few of them just wrote themselves. I think I recall Slow Gyration being particularly effortless. Some of them have been around for quite a while and i’ve sort of forgotten what it was like to write them. Maybe I’m just rose tinting it but I think most of them came out pretty easily.

What have you been doing between releases?

I’ve had some periods of playing a lot of shows. I was lucky enough to play a couple of the bigger chiptune festivals last year, Square Sounds Melbourne and Superbyte up in Manchester. I’m also Doing a bunch of music for this 8-bit reggae/digital dub crew called Trinity Lo-Fi (who also appear on this release). That should be out really soon hopefully. Besides that most of the other stuff that’s been taking up my time I’d class as “non-chip related”. I have a couple of electronics projects that I think will be of interest to people which will get more attention once this release is out.

Do you have any upcoming gigs?

Actually yeah, I’ve just been asked to do three shows in the last week or so. In chronological order I’ll be playing at Eindbaas on 27th May in Utrecht, Hyperwave in June in London, an 8-Bit night in Bristol on 20th August organised by Tommy Creep.

Any shout outs you’d like to do?

Well having just written the acknowledgements for the release I can tell you there’s a whole bunch of people I’m grateful to and a whole bunch more people who I’ve had a great time getting to know through the scene. Basically anyone who has believed in me enough to allow me to travel somewhere and do my thing on a stage, with a special mention to Adrian and the rest of the Superbyte crew, Eugene, Kristy and the rest at Square Sounds Melbourne for providing the biggest stages!

If you had a million pounds, what’s the first thing you’d buy?

OK, let’s do sensible answers first then cool ones. I’ve spent a lot of my 20s working and studying because it hasn’t been economically viable to study full time, so I should probably do that. Also, round my ends a 2-3 bed house is gonna be getting on for about half a mil’, so guess I should probably just be sensible and… ah fuck it! Just googled space tourism and saw I could get a sub-orbital flight for like a quarter of a million, maybe if I can get up there I could perform some sort of gravitational slingshot and get back to whatever planet I claim to be from. I could buy like 100000 DMGs and sync them all up and that’d probably be something. One of the best things about what I do is the travel, I feel like I’ve had periods when I was moving about a lot. I feel good when I’m doing that, I suppose more of that. I’d like to go to all the different chip festivals in the world even if I’m not playing, just to see them all. Also Machu Picchu, there’s gotta be some crazy shit going down in that place, ya know?

Cheapshot: Thanks a lot for an insight into your rich and varied life and all that went into making this release. Let’s hope you get £1mil from sales so that you can do that space trip!

Detonating Star Systems is due out at the end of this week. Can’t wait until then? Check out Galaxy Wolf’s previous release here!!