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Musho – The Interview

By April 2, 2016Interview

Take a trip into the dreamland of one of the most unique artists we have on the label

Photo from Seven Force Records: https://sevenforce.bandcamp.com/album/seven-force-4

Photo from Seven Force Records: https://sevenforce.bandcamp.com/album/seven-force-4

Who is the man behind Musho? Tell us some more about yourself!

Alrighty! I’m a shy childish cat-thing, i’m officially at university doing stuff I don’t care for very much, but at night I transform into some kind of lazy music man. I’m confused about life, I sleep way too much, and i’m kinda obsessed about weather. Thunder’s my fave.

Anyway. We had lots of instruments lying about when I grew up so i’m mediocre on all of them. When I was an infant my father brought me a computer (rocking win 3.11 (for workgroups)) with a few cracked games that packed class101 cracktros. I really liked the music in there and when a friend gave me a shareware CD with modplug tracker, I was hooked. It took me about a year to figure out how to make new patterns, and another to find out you could use samples beyond the GM synth.

When I am An Adult I wanna have a radio show airing late Tuesday nights 01-04 AM playing weird generated noise with some improvised woodwind solos on top.

musho_maybe_c small

What’s it like living in Sweden?

At the end of the summer the birds stop singing. Late autumn is awfully quiet. In December I forget how most of them sound. Come spring, when the days get longer and sun stays up for six hours a day, they slowly slowly start to come back. But you never notice… until suddenly it’s April and the larks keep you up at night.

To me, your music has a really strong fantasy vibe to it. Like, I can imagine fairies dancing around in the woods with nothing other than the green glow of bioluminescent plants lighting their way… Just me? I don’t know, but where do you take your musical inspirations from?

Might be true! I read a lot of fantasy books (or I did when I was younger). I would say (in my mind at least) I mix 50% 90’s demoscene eurobeat with 50% Swedish folksongs. Then of course nothing comes out like that but that’s how most songs are first thought of.

I know the same sample is in “If I die tonight tell my family I reached 165 BPM,” but where does the title for the album come from?

Honestly? I do not remember. It was a friend who couldn’t find a good enough swimsuit or something. Like a lost dream of a nice bikini? Something to do with summer and the beach anyway. Most of these songs were written in summertime, or ruminating it, or anticipating it.

Was there a particularly easy or hard track to write?

I would say The Beguiling Miasma of Blood. The track went through several iterations with different vocals and musical acts. I think it’s the track I started earliest and finished last. In the end I didn’t even try, I just played around not really expecting something to stick. But suddenly it did!

Any gigs coming up?

Actually no. I only do shows on 1xDMG (for now at least). It’s been maybe a year since I last made a pure gameboy tune and I don’t feel too dope about performing the same songs as I did last year. So i’ve been lying low.

Anyone you want to say hello to?

Yea! Wiu to Maja whose birthday is April 4th. Meow to Tesla and Kosmos, my closest of kin. Real thanks to Teddy, who enables my fucked up night time adventures by being equally crazy, and paying my rent. Love to my v-town crew for not forgetting me even though I went away. And hugs to my parents for supporting me even though i’m a big baby!


Always the pleasure.

Bikini Dream Karaoke Edition is due out April 4th. Can’t wait until then? Check out Musho’s previous release here!!