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Ultra Rare™ Please Lose Battle Shirts

By March 15, 2016News

As you may know, we had some ULTRA RARE™ Please Lose Battle shirts on sale with the launch of their debut with us on Cheapbeats. Well, this page is for showing the lucky owners in their shirts!

If you know anyone with a shirt, please tell them to get in touch with us, and we’ll provide download codes to two of our previous releases for providing us with a PLB selfie!

Contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or below as a comment.

So, without further ado, here are the shirts!


1 small

① Devil Horns


2 small

② Queasy



3 small

③ Bewildered

12247754_1048640595195831_8883267983488362280_o The Bewildered shirt was purchased by the owner of the Squirrel’s Kitchen studio in France. It just so happens to be the studio where the band recorded their EP! Check out the promo video here!



4 small

④ Tongue


CatchinAshes (AUS)

The Tongue shirt was purchased by Ash of CatchinAshes from Melbourne, Australia! Just as his namesake says, he had his eye on the prize and caught it up this t-shirt spectacularly! Well done sir!

Listen to CatchinAshes on Soundcloud.



5 small

⑤ Pissed off



6 small

⑥ Upset

2xAA (UK)

2xAA (UK)

Lucky lad Mr. Wray (aka 2xAA) from the UK snaffled up the Upset shirt, and look at him. He couldn’t be further from upset if he tried! Thanks for sharing the pic Sam!!

Listen to 2xAA over on soundcloud.

Check out his VJ tool modV over here.

7 small

⑦ Shy



8 small

⑧ Rage



9 small

⑨ Chill